Our background is a mixture of Sivananda Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga and our own style of Revitalising Yoga.  We use many of the traditional Asana positions featured by all the various schools of teaching. 

We focus on breathing in all of our practice as everything emanates from there.  Our emphasis is on enjoyment and finding comfort in the positions in order to attain balance. 

Living in the here and now is much easier when you are in the midst of the soothing atmosphere of the New Forest and we do all we can to enrich that experience.


No matter what level you have achieved, our teaching adapts to your capability and envelopes you in a strong sequence of Asana practice that you will benefit from.



From Lyndhurst to Ringwood and Christchurch, you can find classes to attend where you can enjoy the beauty of the New Forest as you practice.